Thursday, January 05, 2006

The potato chips at Hosur

We left then – hoping to find adventure and enough causes for celebration on the way. It was New Year eve when we left … almost 0030 hrs … December 31… what a day?!?!

We set out, the bikes first – the Qualis in tow. 10 minutes down the road… we got a call … the guys in the car had gotten a realization – “We need music for the trip”. So they had gone back to get some CD’s (after the presence of an MP3 player was revealed to them in the car). We were asked to halt at the Hosur check post and wait for them… ‘So be it’ – I told myself.

It wasn’t many minutes when we were at the check post, eating some potato chips bought from a small shop next to the check post. We went to buy bananas but got the chips instead because the bananas were not ripe !!

So there we were, at Hosur - eating chips and having Pepsi, watching trucks pass by and truck drivers queued up for permits !

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Road

I wrote something about the road - the way - the highways... After going on the roads for such a long time ... I couldn't help but contemplate -
Read The Road at Across The Wall

Move on people... Travel Life !!

It all began at DJ's desk on Friday

It was Friday. There is certainly a thing about Fridays. Black, gray and occasionally purple...

I was walking down the Auto lane (the lane between the DCX team cubicles) when I saw DJ putting markers on something which looked like a map. Out of sheer curiosity I halted and started looking. Was it chance? Coincidence? Destiny? He turned around and asked me , "Hey dude want to go to Pondicherry? Biking?". I was a bit surprised but being inclined to most things on the edge ... I said "Why not?"

And it began.

Next thing I know was that DJ quickly finished putting the markers on the map, occasionally looking at me and pointing out roads running across mountainous terrains. "Dude this is our route", he smiled, giggled, laughed! I just smiled!

Prashant was caught strolling by us and immediately succumbed to the adventurous New Year celebration offer!! Next was Rishu. Anuj was called off from his manager's desk. Shanky was rather expilicitly 'persuaded'. Kshitij was so bloody enthusiastic at the mention of the plan - he was a part of it before I could ask - "So are you coming?".

Amit joined in without much of his say in it...

We were walking around the office - like officials looking for mercenaries! We found no more! So the cab was called and the bikes made ready...

The highway called and oblivious to the events hidden in the folds of destiny and future ... We set out that night ... Friday December 30, 2005